Lila Mcbride April 4, 2018

partment that can’t fit in your friend’s pick up and you are ready for making a move, then you’ll probably be in need of hiring some moving company. Moving tends to be an expensive proposition while most of the times people underestimate their belongings. For the sake of negotiating the estimate with the moving company for making a move to rentals in salt lake city, you have to take a realistic approach towards how much stuff will have to be moved, what is the distance between the two places and what size of items will you be moving. All this information can be used for negotiating with the moving companies.

Start by creating the inventory. Enlist all your appliances as well as furniture pieces that you will be moving and make sure that you do that one room after the other. Measurements of all the big items should be recorded.

Next, you need to make an estimate of how many boxes will be required for packing up all the items belonging to each room. Once the inventory has been completed, the number should be totaled.

Now, before moving to the apartments for rent salt lake city, it is time to call several moving companies and get the estimates. You should provide them with maximum possible information regarding the inventory that has been completed in the aforementioned steps. It is necessary to ask some questions about the insurance and bonding of the moving company, their availability in the time frame you want, any warranties that they offer for any damage done during the transition, and for how many years have they been in business. Their ratings should also be checked with the BBB.

Now, select the company that you like and want to continue with, regardless of if it’s not one of the cheapest options. Call them and inform them about the estimate that you have received from their competitors. Now, it’s the time to negotiate and you should ask them whether they will be able to offer a better deal. Try to find out different ways in which costs can be cut down, like you can supply all the boxes by yourself, reduce the boxes that have to be moved to the new place, etc.

Do not forget to ask them about their charges in case if the total boxes or weight has been underestimated by you. Higher rates may be charged by some of the companies for every extra bag or box that has to be moved, regardless of its weight.

It is quite likely for the moving companies in salt lake city to send their representatives to your place for visiting prior to giving their estimate, or prior to agreeing on lowering down the estimate already provided to you. You should clean out your closets, bookshelves, attic, garage and basement beforehand as this will allow the moving company to come up with the most accurate estimate and satisfy you with their rates.

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